PART 2 - Various artists tributes





Gozu - Rainy Day,, Summoner - 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be), Claymation - Moon. Turn The Tides... Gently Gently Away, Mothership - Still Raining Still Dreaming, Buffalo - House Burning Down, Tunga Moln - All Along The Watchtower, Elder - Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Wo Fat - Gypsy Eyes, Mos Generator - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

A 2016 various artists release.


HENDRIX UNCOVERED - New Music Inspired By Jimi Hendrix by the Marzena Music Ensemble

This collection of tributes from musicians around the world was put together by the Portland-based composer and impresario Bob Priest. It's a haunting journey into contempory and ambiant expression with hardly a direct musical reference to Jim's work apart from the odd quote or sample. The various musicians use acoustic guitar, sax, trombone, double bass, cello, oriental instruments and percussion, often combining there work with tape manipulations and "cosmic background radiation"!
The contributors: Cappone d'Angelo, Stuart Dempster, Claudio Ambrosini, Douglas Hensley, Wrick Wolff, Henry Gwiazda, Claire Sykes, Randy Raine-Reusch, Michael Longton, Lafayette String Quartet, James Harley, Patrick Markland, Anton Hatwich, Stu Dempster, Joanna Hood, and Bop Priest himself.



Musiq "Are You Experienced?", Carlos Santana "Spanish Castle Magic", Prince / Larry Graham "Purple House", Sting with John McLaughlin "The Wind Cries Mary", Earth, Wind & Fire "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", Bootsy Collins featuring George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars "Power Of Soul", Eric Clapton "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp", Lenny Kravitz "Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)", Devoted Spirits featuring George Duke "Who Knows", Robert Randolph & The Family Band "Purple Haze", Velvert Turner / Sheldon Reynolds "Going Home", Chaka Khan / Kenny Olson "Little Wing", Sounds Of Blackness "Castles Made Of Sand", Eric Gales "May This Be Love", Cee Lo "Foxy Lady", John Lee Hooker "Red House", Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble "Little Wing" / "Third Stone From The Sun"
Bonus track only on the vinyl version: Seal "The Wind Cries Mary"

This tribute album was delivered by Experience Hendrix and it features a host of luminaries. There are some very interestings things in there, the best covers being those by Bootsy Collins, Prince, Devoted Spirits and Earth Wind & Fire !

Extracts at Authentic Hendrix

Produced by Eddie Kramer and featuring Noel Redding, Buddy Miles, Billy Cox, John McLaughlin, Tony Williams, Robben Ford, Stanley Clarke, Bootsy Collins, Cozy Powel, The London Metropolitain Orchestra (good God that's a lot) with the following:

"...And the Gods Made Love", "Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)" - Buddy Miles, "Rainy Day, Dream Away" - Taj Mahal, "The Wind Cries Mary"- Sting, "Spanish Castle Magic" - Sass Jordan, "Little Wing" -Toots Thielemans & Principals of the London Metropolitan Orchestra, "In From the Storm" - Corey Glover, "Drifting" - Corey Clover, "Bold as Love" - Paul Rogers & Stevie Vai, "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" - Doug Pinnick,"Purple Haze" - Buddy Miles, "One Rainy Wish" - Brian May

I'm not really keen on the tracks assembled here, despite the line-up and the care that was taken in putting the project together.

"Purple Haze" - The Cure, "Stone Free" - Eric Clapton, "Spanish Castle Magic" - Spin Doctors, "Red House" - Buddy Guy, "Hey Joe" - Body Count, "Manic depression" - Seal & Jeff Beck, "Fire" - Nigel Kennedy, "Bold As Love" - Pretenders, "You Got Me Floatin" - PM Dawn, "I Don't Live Today" - Slash/Paul Rodgers/Band Of Gypsys, "Are You Experienced" - Belly, "Crosstown Traffic" - Living Color, "Third Stone From The Sun" - Pat Metheny, "Hey Baby" - M.A.C.C.

A few interesting things here, the standouts for me being the covers by PM Dawn, The Cure, Spin Doctors, Seal/Jeff Beck.

"Angel"-Eric Bibb, "Who Knows" -Walter Trout, Popa Chubby & Jimmy Thackery, 'I Don't Live Today" -Eric Burdon, "The Wind Cries Mary" -Buddy Miles &Double Trouble, "Purple Haze" -Friend 'n' Fellow, "Star Spangled Banner" -Walter Trout, "Hey Joe" -Walter Trout & The Free Radicals, "All Along The Watchtower'-Taj Mahal & The Hula Blues Band, "House Burning Down" -Michelle Shocked, "Voodoo Chile" -Eric Cales & Trudy Lynn, "Hear My Train Comin'"-Bernard Allison, "Red House"-Vernon Reid & Michael Hill, "Belly Button Window" -Ana Popovic, "Remember"-Alvin "Youngblood" Hart, "Little Wing" -Aynsley Lister, "Third Stone From The Sun" -The Story Of Life-Eric Burdon

"Little Wing", "Manic depression" - Michael Lee Firkins, "Come On", "Foxy Lady", "Up From The Skies" - Papa Chubby, "Hey Joe" - Omar Dykes, "Voodoo Chile", "Red House" - Walter trout/Michael Lee Firkins/Popa Chubby

"Foxy Lady" - Iggy Pop, "Up From The Skies" - Rickie Lee jones, "Electric Ladyland" - Jean-Paul Bourelly, "Remember" - Ben Harper, "Fire" - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, "Purple Haze" - The Shamen (?), "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp" - Living Color, "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" - Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Hey Joe" - Ras Kente & Take No Prisoner Posse, "Red House" - John Lee Hooker, "Angel" - Rod Stewart, "Purple Haze" - Frank Zappa, "Crosstown traffic"/"Little Miss Lover"- Gil Evans, "Message To Love" - Triad, "Purple haze" - ???.

VOODOO CROSSING - A tribute to Jimi Hendrix Volume 1  
"Third Stone From The Sun" - STEVE LUKATHER , "Castles Made Of Sand" - SCOTT FINCH -, "Message To Love" - ROBBEN FORD , "House Burning Down"- LARRY CORYELL , "May This Be Love" - JEFF RICHMAN , "Manic Depression"- ALESSIO MENCONI , "Villanova Junction Blues" - ARLEN ROTH, "If 6 Was 9" - VIC VERGEAT , "Red House" - JOE COLOMBO, "Voodoo Chile" - HIRAM BULLOCK, " Up From The Skies" - TONY SPINNER, "Stone Free" - MARK DOYLE, " I Don't Live Today" - PAT TRAVERS , "Fire" - JOHN NITZINGER, "Hey Joe" - MIKE ONESKO

GYPSY BLOOD - A tribute to Jimi Hendrix Volume 2
ROBBEN FORD/ Bold As Love - MARK DOYLE/ Little Wing - LARRY CORYELL/ Purple Haze - SCOTT FINCH/ Spanish Castle Magic - STEVE LUKATHER/ Hear My Train A Comin'v- JEFF RICHMAN/ Who Knows - TONY SPINNER/ Little Miss Lover - ARLEN ROTH/ The Wind Cries Mary - ALESSIO MENCONI/ Crosstown Traffic - VIC VERGEAT/ Rainy Day, Dream Awayv, JOHN NITZINGER/ Angel - HIRAM BULLOCK/ You Got Me Floatin' - MIKE ONESKO/ Freedom - JOE COLOMBO/ Room Full Of Mirrors - PAT TRAVERS/ Ezy Ryder - ANTONELLO PUDVA/ Midnight - MERRELL FANKHAUSER/ All Along The Watchtower - JIMI/ Speaks

Up From The Skies - Neville & Sheena Staples, 1983 - Laurie Anderson, Are You Experienced - Los Lobos, Little Wing - Los Illegals, Manic Depression - Rosanne Cash, Wind Cries Mary - Taylor Dayne, Stone Free - Mark Isham, Angel - Cassandra Wilson, Here My Train a Comin' - Charlie Musselwhite, Drifting - Five Blind Boys Of Alabama

The Spirit Lives On - The Music of Jimi Hendrix Revisited Vol. 1 (Lion music/Alive)
Freedom, Gypsy Eyes, Highway Chile, Cross Town Traffic, Stone Free, Little Wing, Spanish Castle Magic, Bold As Love, Fire, Foxy Lady, 3rd Stone From The Sun, Star Spangled Banner, Little Miss Lover



The Spirit Lives On - The Music of Jimi Hendrix Revisited Vol. 2 (Lion music/Alive)
Room Full of Mirrors, Purple Haze, Angel, Manic Depression, Who Knows, Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Red House, Them Changes, Villanova Junction, Freedom

Thin White Rope - 'May This Be Love', Chuck Prophet & Scott Mathews - 'The Wind Cries Mary', Trick Bag - 'Fire', David Dreams- 'Third Stone From The Sun', The Monks Of Doom - 'Spanish Castle Magic', The Corn Dollies - 'I Don't Live Today', Thee Hypnotics - 'Can You See Me', Bevis Frond - 'Who Knows", The Shamen- 'Purple Haze', The Stretch Heads - 'Spanish Castle Magic', Giant Sand - 'Foxy Lady', Styler & Baldwin - 'You Got Me Floatin' - Obsequious Cheesecake - 'If 6 Was 9', The Membranes - 'Voodoo Chile', 501 Spanish Verbs - 'Ain't No Tellin', The Mock Turtles - 'Are You Experienced"

Manic Depression - James Ryan, Greg Rapaport, 3rd Stone From The Sun - Brian Tarquin, Greg Rapaport, Crosstown Traffic - Doug Doppler, Greg Rapaport, Inspired By Angel - Hal Lindes, Purple Haze - Brian Tarquin, Greg Rapaport, Voodoo Child - Chris Mahoney, Greg Rapaport, May This Be Love - Martin Winch, Greg Rapaport, Gypsy Eyes - Howard Hart, Greg Rapaport, Star Spangled Banner - Randy Coven, Greg Rapaport, You Got Me Floatin' - Larry Van Fleet, Greg Rapaport, Voodoo Child/All Along The Watch Tower - POM, Greg Rapaport, Fire - Greg Rapaport

Electric Ladyland (Redux) 
Every track of Ladyland interpreted by Elephant Tree, Open Hand, Superchief, All Them Witches, Origami Horses, The Heavy Eyes, Earthless, Wo Fat, Mos Generator, Gozu, Summoner, Claymation, Mothership, King Buffalo, Tunga Moln and Elder
Info here 


Live at Royal Festival Hall, London, England, 26th June 2005

Are You Experienced?, May This Be Love, I Don't Live Today, If 6 Was 9, Third Stone From The Sun, Hey Joe - Jeff Beck, Wind Cries Mary - Jeff Beck, Red House - Jeff Beck, All Along The Watchtower -Jeff Beck & Patti Smith, Manic Depression - Jeff Beck, Patti Smith Closing Speech, 1983, Robert Wyatt Speech

The atmosphere lacks a little punch perhaps but it's interesting to hear Becko interpreting Hendrix.

Purple Haze, All Along the Watchtower, Crosstown Traffic, Hey Joe, Are You Experienced?, Foxy Lady, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Little Wing, Star Spangled Banner, Fire, Wild Thing Waltz, Wind Cries Mary, Stone Free, Jimi Hendrix Overture

Country artists ! A banjo on fire. I mean, really ...

HAZY DREAMS - Not Just A Jimi -
Various artists I think
Hey Joe, Castles Made Of Sand, Vodoo Child (slight return), All Along the Watchtower, Purple Haze, Manic Depression, Little Wing, Wind Cries Mary, Crosstown Traffic, Highway Chile, Foxey Lady

Fire, Hey Joe, Foxy Lady, Burning the Midnight Lamp/Amazing Grace, Angel - Martha Redbone, Crosstown Traffic, Little Wing, Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze - Nefertiti Jones, Voodoo Child, Ode to Jimi

Jimi (Thorton, Fradkin & Unger), Hey Joe (Carlo Bisso & Connexion 5), Hey Jimi (The Dream), Are You Experienced (Purple Fox), Ballad To Jimi (Pacific Sound), I Don't Live Today (Salvation), Jimi (Unity), Manic Depression (Rubber Band), Flame (Black Diamonds), Fire (Jeff Cooper & Stoned Wings), Jimi (B.O.R.B), Purple Haze (the Four More), Jimi Janis & Brian Jones (Aunty Mary)

Issued on Twisted Village label (Catalog Twisted Village 1012)

15 Tracks Inspired By The Jimi Hendrix Experience

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT - Can You See Me, NOEL REDDING WITH 3:05 AM - Stone Free, THE MOVE - Message From The Country, ROTARY CONNECTION - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, CHRIS WHITLEY - Drifting, JAMIE CULLUM - The Wind Cries Mary, LIGHTNIN' ROD feat. JIMI HENDRIX - Doriella Du Fontaine, JOHN MCLUGHLIN - Don't Let The Dragon Eat Your Mother, SANTANA - La Puesta Del Sol, JOHNNY WINTER - Help Me, CURTIS MAYFIELD - Freddie's Dead, FUNKADELIC - Super Stupid, BOOTSY COLLINS - Psychotucbumpschool, LOVE - Little Wing, THE HAMMERSMITH GORIL

This was given away free with the November 2006 issue of Mojo magazine in the UK. Note the presence of "Doriella du Fontaine" by Lightnin' Rod with Jimi and Buddy Miles and an old track featuring Noel Redding.


Hey Jimi: Polskie gitary grają Hendrixa

P-FUNK GUITAR ARMY - Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

No Hendrix songs here. Note the inclusion of "Purple Hazel" which is Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel's tribute to Hendrix.

RETURN OF THE GYPSY - "Tribute To Jimi Hendrix"

No Hendrix songs on this tribute featuring Andre Foxxe, Johnny Graham, Mud Bone Cooper with Michael Hampton, Dee Dee "Dirty Mugg" James with Bootsy's Rubber Band, Bootsy Collins, The Darry Plummer Band, Ras kente and Menace.


HENDRIX JAZZ PROJECT - Saalfelden Jazz Festival

Jean-Paul Bourelly is on vocals and guitar here fronting abig band of jazz musicians playing music inspired by Jimi. Two other guiristes also play: David Torn and Brandon Ross. No Hendrix covers as far as I know. This is a bootleg I think.


A new tribute on the Tribute Sounds label


A free Hendrix tribute CD with the February 2010 issue of Uncut magazine but no Hendrix songs at all here, not even a cover version.



MAD ABOUT HENDRIX (Wild Trip Productions 2007)

Disc 1
Are You Experienced - Blindstone, Astro Man - John Marshall Trio, Crosstown Traffic - Kurt Max with Jeff Magnus on SAX, Drivin' West - Ray Rae Goldman, Foxy Lady - Mick Jagger with Joe Satrani LIVE 1988, Gloomy Monday - Darrin Thorsteinson, Hey Baby - EXP/ Bjørn-Peder Johansen, Hey Joe - Dexter Fairweather, Highway Chile - Wyatt Valentine, I Don't Live Today - John Marshall Trio, Jakes' Blues (AKA Easy Blues) - Kurt Max, Little Wing - Régis "Ayler" Canselier, Look Over Yonder - Spirit

Disc 2
Pali Gap - Mad About Hendrix All-Stars, Purple Haze - Frank Zappa, Red House - BR Millon, Star Spangled banner - Darryl Fields, Third Stone From The Sun - Dirty DOM, Up From the Skies - John Marshall Trio, Valleys of Neptune - Rudy Kronfuss Experience, Villanova Junction - EXP/Bjørn-Peder Johansen, Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Kurt Max, Voodoo Chile - Rudy Kronfuss Experience

Disc 3 (Bonus)
Ain't No Telling - John Marshall Trio, All Along the Watchtower - Kurt Max, Angel - Rudy Kronfuss Experience, Gypsy Boy - Grasshopper, Hear My Train - Darryl Fields with Billy Cox, Heartbreak X (times) 3 - "Uncle Scott" Oberg (Jimi inspired original), Heaven Has No Sorrow - Rudy Kronfuss Experience, Hello Josephine - AM w/Noel Redding, Hey Joe (Allo Joe-europa-acoustica) - Terje Skuterud, If 6 Was 9 - John Marshall Trio, In From the Storm - John Marshall Trio, Little Miss Lover - EXP/Bjørn-Peder Johansen, Little Wing - Jon Bare, Manic Depression - Johnny Winter 6:04

Disc 4 (Bonus)
One Rainy Wish - Uli Jon Roth w/Jack Bruce & Randy Hanson, Purple Haze (solo-ending) - "Uncle Scott" Oberg, Purple Haze - Wil Harris Band, Sanity - Kurt Max w/Leon Hendrix on lead guitar and lead vocals, Spanish Castle Magic Medley - The Brooks Project, Third Stone From The Sun - Maurizio Bonini/Marco Sorvini, Valleys of Neptune - John Marshall Trio, Velvet Blues - Ray Rae Goldman (Jimi inspired original), Villanova Junction Blues - Gary Serkin/Gypsy Sun Experience, Who Knows - John Marshall Trio, The Wind Cries Mary - Graham Bonnet, Hear My Freedom - Jimi Hendrix, Inst. 4564 - Jimi Hendrix, Tax Free &endash; Jimi Hendrix, Track 01 - Jimi Hendrix


This massive 4 CD set was made "by hard core fans - for hard core fans". It's an unofficial project and not available on the market but it will soon be available for free download. The whole thing is the brainchild of Hendrix archivist and musician Kurt Max. On the forum (of which he is one the administrators), he invited musicians from around the world to participate and has also gathered together other related material from his archives.

So, a look down the track listing shows that among the relatively unknown participants, there are also interpretations of Hendrix songs by Mick Jagger, Frank Zappa, Johnny Winter, Spirit and Graham Bonnet. Also in there are Noel Redding, Billy Cox and Jimi's half brother Leon, who sings and plays guitar on one of his own compositions while Kurt plays all the backing ! Kurt also gives us some of his own Hendrix covers and among all the other fan material there are a couple from Rudy Kronfuss (his own tribute CDs are detailed on the first Tributes page here) and even my friend Régis (alias Ayler) of the super Forum Jimi Hendrix (

What's great about this collection is the rich variety of styles and the choice of songs rarely covered, such as "Pali Gap", "Astro Man", "Hey Baby", "Villanova Junction", etc. Some interpretations are very faithfull, others explore new directions. The whole thing is of course crammed full of rich guitar solos which is what the people want, right ?

If that's not all, on Disc 4, Kurt has included a cluster of rarities from Jimi Hendrix in person ! They are tracks that turned up briefly on a Russian site some years ago, before disappearing altogether. That "Hear My Freedom" sounds like it is from the Lee Michaels jam (as heard on the bootleg "Ball & Chain"). "Inst. 4564" is strange, I think I remember this winding figure from Univibes "Calling Long Distance" but here the sound is very clean and there are string and tympani overdubs (presumably from the Alan Douglas era). The incomplete"Tax Free" could be from Winterland 68 (to be confirmed). Finally "Track 01" I know as "Jazz Jimi Jazz" from the Purple Haze Records release "Axis Outtakes" but here the sound is very clear.
Nice one Kurt.



Some other recordings by the various Hendrix tribute bands perhaps exist also. If you know of any please let me mail me.


Other Hendrix songs by various artists:

 Apart from all those songs on the releases listed above, covers of Hendrix songs can be found all over the place.
Here are a few to hunt down:



Derek and The Dominoes - "Little Wing", "Little Wing" (Live)
Eric Clapton - "Little Wing" (Live)
The Pretenders - "Room Full Of Mirrors", "May This Be Love"
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing","Manic Depression", "Little Wing / Third Stone From The Sun"
Sting - "Little Wing"
The Cure - "Foxy Lady"
XTC - "If 6 Was 9"
The Isley Brothers - "Machine Gun"
Stanley Jordon - "Angel"
Spirit - "Stone Free" (Live), "Red House "
Soft Cell - "Hey Joe", "Purple Haze", "Voodoo Chile"
Bernard Allison - "Hear My Train Coming"
Eric Burdon - "I don't live today"
Eric Gales - "Voodo Chile"
Vernon Reid - "Red House"
Jimmy Thackery - "Who Knows"
Aynsley Lister - "Little Wing"
Blues Blanches 003 -"Little Wing"
Beki Bondage - "Foxy Lady"
Roy Buchanan - "If Six Was Nine", "Foxy Lady"
Pat Boone - "The Winds Cries Mary"
Phil Brown & Apaches - "If Six Was Nine"
Roger Chapman - "Stone Free"
Popa Chubby - "Fire", "Purple Haze"
The Corrs - "Little Wing"
Coroner - "Purple Haze"
Deep Purple - Space Trucking /"Gypsy Eyes", Smoke On The Water / "Little Wing"
Devo - "Are you Experienced ?"
Mike Eldred - "Pali Gap"
Scott Finch And Blues O'Delics - "Fire", T"he Winds Cries Mary", "Spanish Castles Magic","Voodoo Chile"
Prince - "Tic, Tic, Bang" (samples "Little Miss Lover"),
Prince - "Purple House" (Red House) - unofficial live track
Seal - "The Wind Cries Mary"
The Bobs - "Purple Haze", "The Wind Cries Mary"
Carole Laure - "Purple Haze"
Dee Carstensen - "Angel"
Belly - "Are You Experienced?"
Devo - Are You Experienced
Phish - Bold as Love, Fire
Soundgarden - Can You See Me
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Castles Made of Sand (live)
Phil Upchurch - Cross Town Traffic
Soundgarden - Can You See Me
Phil Upchurch - Cross Town Traffic
Hanson - Crosstown Traffic
Ben Folds Five - Crosstown Traffic
Chris Whitley - Drifting
Dennis DeYoung - Fire
The Rippingtons - Fire
Steve Vai - Fire, Little Wing
Moe - Fire
Alice Cooper - Fire
Rhythm Pigs - Fire
Mary's Danish - Foxey Lady
Mick Jagger - Foxy Lady (unofficial live)
The Cure - Foxy Lady, Purple Haze
Beki Bondage - Foxy Lady
Tori Amos - If 6 was 9
Lenny Kravitz - If Six Was Nine
Concrete Blonde - Little Wing
Eugene Chadbourne - "House Burning Down"
The Kronos Quartet - "Purple Haze"

Yngwie Malmsteen - "Spanish Castle Magic", Manic Depression
Joan Jett - "You Got Me Floating"
Booker T & The MGs - "Foxy Lady"
Albert King - "Red House"
Jimmy Thackery - "Red House"
Alan Baschung - "Foxy Lady" (Live)
Gill Evans - "Angel", "Stone Free" (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)
Great White - "Red House"
Ben Harper - "Voodoo Chile" (live)
The Jeff Healey Band - "Freedom", "Angel"
(hed)p.e. - "Crosstown Traffic"
Mark Hitt - "Manic Depression"
Gary Hoey - "Red House"
Dave Hole - "Purple Haze"
Scott Holt - "Crosstown Traffic"
Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani - "Red House"
Aynsley Lister - "Little Wing", "Crosstown Traffic"
Frank Marino Mahogany Rush - "Purple Haze"
Danny Masters - "Red House"
Gary Moore - "Fire"
Nawfel - "May This Be Love"
Ozzy Osbourne - "Purple Haze"
Lucky Peterson - "Up From The Skies"
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - "Castles Made Of Sand", "Crosstown Traffic"
Kenny Wayne Shepperd - "Voodoo Child", "I Don't Live Today"
Melvin Taylor - "Voodoo Chile ( Slight Return)"
Tuck & Patti - "Up From The Skies", "Castle Made Of Sand" / "Little Wing"
Frank Zappa - "Purple Haze"
Cozy Powell - "Dance With The Devil" (incorporates Third Stone From The Sun"
The Pack - "Next To Your Fire" ("Fire")
Stevie Winwood - "Voodoo Chile"
Ed Cherry - "Third Stone From The Sun"
Lance Lopez - "Spanish Castle magic"
Ricki Lee Jones - "Up From The Skies"
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Manic Depression
King's X - Manic Depression
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Manic Depression (live)
The Cruel Sea - Manic Depression
Emmylou Harris - May This Be Love
Brian May - One Rainy Wish
Six Feet Under - Purple Haze
Sting - Purple Haze
Snuff - Purple Haze
Winger - Purple Haze
Coroner - Purple Haze
The Bobs - Purple Haze
The Rippingtons - Purple Haze
Great White - Red House
Demented Are Go - Up From the Skies
Eric Gales - Voodoo Chile
John Mayer - The Wind Cries Mary
Jamie Cullum - The Wind Cries Mary
Jimmy Buffett - The Wind Cries Mary
The Bobs - The Wind Cries Mary
Marc Ribot - The Wind Cries Mary
P.M. Dawn -You Got Me Floatin
Skid Row - Little Wing
Throwing Muses - Manic Depression
DH Peligro - Purple Haze
Todd Rundgren - If 6 Was 9 (on "Faithful")
Richie Havens Angel - (on "Now")


I discovered someof these here:
The Covers Project

Dozens more covers of Hendrix songs can be found on this amazing site :

All Music Guide
(Hit the "songs" button and type a song title)



A collection of top musicians get together to express their love of Jimi's music at .... Pharoh Sanders, Vernon Reed, Jack Bruce, Cassandra Wilson, Jean-Paul Bourelly*, Terry Bozio, and more. I saw this on T.V. a while back, it's not bad and features some good interviews along the way.

* He has also put together his own Hendrix tribute album - see first section above




Tribute band albums