In creating the CD versions, the recordngs have been remastered a number of times.


US/Reprise (mastered by Lee Hershberg)

UK/Polydor (different from Reprise above)

US/Reprise (remastered by Joe Gastwirt using NoNoise; "RE-1" on inner ring of CDs)

UK/Polydor (clones of the second issue Reprise discs?)

US/MCA (remastered by Joe Gastwirt, don't know if NoNoise was used or not; alternate covers; also issued by Polydor overseas)

MCA/Experience Hendrix (remastered by George Marino/Eddie Kramer)


Thanks to Luke for this information !


Note that the current MCA CDs have compressed sound ! The high frequencies are simply not there. The previous series had a fuller sound. Read more on Posthumous Studio Releases - 90s page.

Thanks to Paul for underlining this.