"…and at the same time, I'm right here in your picture frame…"




There are hundreds of photos of Jimi Hendrix on the internet, but here is a selection of some of my all-time favourites.



A very youthful looking Jimmy Hendrix in the army
(after boot camp he joined the101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky).
Note the Bo Diddley album on the bed.



An incredible photo of Jimmy in his military uniform (with complete with "HENDRIX" name tag !)
In 1961-62, as The Beatles and Dylan were about to come to the fore,
Jimmy was standing in line, learning his guitar and waiting for his turn.
It was around this time that he met Billy Cox (that is not Cox in the photo).




Even in these early days as a backing musician, Jimi wore his hair longer than was usual.





A pre-Experience promotional photograph.
New York 1966.




A rather timid looking Jimi in the autumn of 1966
(at Chas Chandler's Mayfair flat).




The newly formed Jimi Hendrix Experience.



L'Olympia, Paris - October 18, 1966



L'Olympia, Paris - October 18, 1966




Late 1966, for ITV's legendary "Ready Steady Go".