Jimi performed hundreds of times on stage but precious few quality recordings were made,
particularly of the early gigs.
Here is a list of the sources for the various live releases since 1970.



Georges Club, New Jersey - 26 December (plus recordings from early 1966) - "Live At Georges Club"



Paris Olympia - 18 Octobre - - 2 tracks "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA 4 CD Box Set



Monterey Pop Festival, California -18 June -"Historic Performances Recorded At The Monterey International Pop Festival"/"A Film About Jimi Hendrix" Soundtrack/"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA 4 CD Box Set/"Footlights"/"Live At Monterey"
Radiohaus, Stockholm - 5 September/"Stages"/"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA 4 CD Box Set
L'Olympia, Paris - 9 October - Paris 1967 / San Francisco 1968 - "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA 4 CD Box Set,



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L'Olympia, Paris - 29 January - "Live 1968"
Fillmore West - Paris 1967 / San Francisco 1968
Clark University, Mass. - 15 March - "Live At Clark University"/"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA 4 CD Box Set
Capitol Theatre, Ottawa - 19 March -
"Live in Ottawa" (second set), "Live 1968 - Paris/Otawa" (first set)
Miami Pop Festival -  18 May - "Miami Pop Festival"
Woburn Pop Festival - 6 July - "Live At Woburn"
Hollywood Bowl - 14 September - "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" (included in the Electric Ladyland 50th Anniversary box set)
Winterland, California - 10/11/12 October - "Winterland"



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Sportshalle, Cologne - "Live In Cologne"
The Royal Albert Hall, London - 24 February -
"An Evening With The Jimi Hendrix Experience" (unofficial)
LA Forum, California - 26 April -
"Lifelines"/"Variations On A Theme- Red House"/"West Coast Seattle Boy"
Oakland Coliseum, California - 27 April -
"Live At Oakland Coliseum"
San Diego Sports Arena, California - 24 May - "Hendrix In The West"/"Stages"/"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA 4 CD Box Set/"Hendrix In The West" (2011 version)
Woodstock Festival, New York - 18 August - "Woodstock" Soundtrack/"Woodstock Two"/"A Film About Jimi Hendrix" Soundtrack/"Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock"/"Live At Woodstock"
Fillmore East, New York - 31 December -
"Band Of Gypsys 2"/"Live At The Fillmore East"/"Footlights"/"West Coast Seattle Boy"/"Machine Gun" / "Songs For Groovy Children"




Fillmore East, New York - 1 January -"Band Of Gypsys"/"A Film About Jimi Hendrix" Soundtrack/"Band Of Gypsys 2" ?/"Live At The Fillmore East"/"Songs For Groovy Children"
Berkeley Community Center, California - 30 May - "Hendrix In The West"/"A Film About Jimi Hendrix" Soundtrack/"Band Of Gypsys 2"/"Johnny B. Goode"/"Jimi Plays Berkeley" (3 track CD)/"Variations On A Theme- Red House"/"Live Forever (Sacred Sources 1)"/"Live At Berkeley"/"West Coast Seattle Boy"
Atlanta Pop Festival, Georgia - 4 July - "Stages"/"Band Of Gypsys 2"/"Johnny B. Goode"/ "Cornerstones" / "Freedom - Atlanta Pop Festival"
Randalls Island Festival, New york - 17 July - "Jimi Hendrix Concerts"/"Variations On A Theme- Red House"
Maui, Hawaii - 30 July - "Voodoo Child" MCA compilation/"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" MCA 4 CD Box Set
Isle Of Wight Festival, England - 30 August -
"Isle Of Wight"/"A Film About Jimi Hendrix" Soundtrack/"Isle Of Wight 70"/"Footlights"/"Live At The Isle Of Wight-Blue Wild Angel"
Fehmarn Island, West Germany - 6 September -
"Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn"