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The official site first of course:

Check out the "MEDIA" section (under Diffusions Concerts and Videos Hendrix) 
to listen to unreleased concert recordings (hours of the stuff!).
These are from amateur audience tapes, so they have poorer sound quality than soundboard or multi-track recordings.

Regis College, Denver - 14 February 1968
Dallas State Fair Music Hall - 16 February 1968
Houston Music Hall - 18 February 1968
Moody Coliseum, Dallas - 3 August 1968
Davenport, Iowa - 11 August 1968
Chicago - 1 December 1968
Frankfurt - 17 January 1969
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston - 19 April 1969
Maple Leaf Gardens - 3 May 1969

Madison Square Garden 18 May 1969
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 
San Jose - 25 mai 1969
Denver Pop Festival 29 June 1969
Los Angeles Forum - 25 April 1970
Temple Stadium, Philadelphia - 16 mai 1970
Tulsa - 7 June 1970
Baltimore -  13 June 1970

+ 3 unreleased Baggy's rehearsals

There are a few promo videos to be found also + various Hendix themed radio shows, interviews,...

The complete Experience Hendrix discography
A thorough listing of all the releases from the Hendrix estate since 1997
put together by Jimpress.


If you are looking for opinions about the sound quality of the various CD and vinyl releases over the years,
then check out these informative discussions at Steve Hoffman Forums:

CD releases  

CD releases discussed at Steve Hoffman Forums

  Vinyl releases

Jimi Hendrix Vinyl
An in-depth look at the different pressings across the years

Axis: Bold As Love - Mono vs Stereo reissues

Electric Ladyland on vinyl and CD


For footage of Jimi in the best quality available, look no further than Kurt Max's page.
Many sequences have been augmented with all available footage and photo segues:
Jimi Hendrix Video - Rare & Remastered


The essential and well researched info site about Jimi's early collaborations.

Just Ask The Axis
Again a good info source, with a exhaustive guide to live recording quality.

In From The Storm
Hans-Peter Johnsen's amazing site with such attention to detail.

Concert Archives
Excellent work here

A Guide To The Live Music Of Jimi Hendrix
A great informations source about concerts, albums, bootlegs.

SInk Full Of Dishes
Another impressive site with exhaustive information about the various sessions and releases.

Jimi Hendrix: Discography, Track index, Set lists
Douglas Bell's exhaustive listings

Jimi Hendrix Discography
A lot of data here! A great source for tracklisting of various bootlegs, recording and sound quality information
lyrics, labels, release dates,...

The Jimi Hendrix Collector
An amazing amount of Hendrix articles, LPs, CDs, VHS, DVDs, posters and memorabilia gathered together here by Patrick Rotily. Bravo Sir!

The Voodoo Chile
A nice looking site worth exploring

Tomacho's Jimi Hendrix Collection
An unbeleivably detailed record of all releases, official or otherwise.

Page Full Of Jimi - Discography
Another Japanese site that is packed with facts.

Rate Your Music
A great source of info concerning the staggering number of editions over the years.

En Français! - Cry Of Love
La discographie de Jimi (et les infos sur ses concerts)
Interesting for English speaking visitors too as a lot of CD booklets can be viewed.


Jimi Hendrix - Lifelines
Ben Valkhoff's brilliant week by week photo diary.

Forum Jimi Hendrix
This is a general Hendrix forum (in French) and the photo collection is simply the best there is on the internet.
Go to the
Can You See Me section for all subjects and to the Concert Summary for a chronological classification
of all Jimi's performances.

Brume Pourpre
That's "Purple Haze" in French.
An interesting time-line photo site with a good technical section also.
Check out his amazing posters page ("Affiches")

The Kramer Archives
Eddie Kramer's candid photos of the greats he worked with

Jimi Hendrix Website #6743
A great photographers link page here. From the same host earlyhendrix.

Bringing Back Jimi Hendrix
Mike Bukoswky's story of how he restored a long lost portrait of Jimi

Getty Images
Nearly 60 pages of (hallmarked) photos of Jimi here.

My favourite photos of Hendrix


Kurt Max's classic rock videos
A great collection of (rare and remastered) footage of Jimi (and other artists) here,
including The Lulu Show, Miami 1968, The Royal Albert Hall 1969 and Berkeley 1970.

,Funky Drummer Archive
Great work here by Mr. Funky Drummer with speed-corrected, merged and best source available live recordings.

John Harchar's Hendrix Podcasts
A close look at the various releases over the years.

An good guide to the many bootlegs out there.

Jimi's record collection
At Kathy Etchingham's site (and she should know).

(+ another page on the subject on the French Forum Jimi Hendrix)

Michael Fairchild
Essential reading here :
Unknown Hendrix - A great article about the live recordings
Hendrix '70 - Clearing the haze - A close look at Jimi's last year of activity

Jimi Hendrix Black Experience
soulpatrol.com's tribute - worth reading

Al Hendrix
An interesting article about Jimi's father and early life.

Rockmine - Jimi Hendrix
Some very interesting articles to discover here

Mitch Mitchell.de
In English.

New Musical Express Articles/Interviews

The Jimi Hendrix Foundation
A charity organisation in Jimi's name, founded by Al Hendrix in 1988 and originally run by Jimi's childhood friend in Seattle, Jimmy Williams.

The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation
Somewhere cool to play, picnic or walk the dog.

Mike Jeffery
A brilliant artice all about Jimi's elusive manager

Alan Douglas
For information about the one-time gardian of the Hendrix vault

Super site all about the festival and many photos of Jimi onstage.
Jimi Hendrix's Last Gig - The Inside Story

Hendrix Northeast
A great little site which researches Jimi's visits to the North East of England.

The Monkees Tour
A nice page about the ill-fated 1967 tour.

A very good page on Jimi's life and work.

The (un)true story of Jimi Hendrix
from this impressive and hilarious site which is worth exploring.

Dead Hendrix
An amusing personnal look the posthumous albums.

Indigenous Influence and Natural Metaphysics in the Music of Jimi Hendrix

Hey Joe Versions
A listing of the many versions of the Billy Roberts song.

Hey Joe Covers
Another listing of the many versions of the song
with an an amazing collection of sleeves, CD covers and data about Jimi's interpretations of Hey Joe on record

Jimi Jazz
Another look at Jimi's influence of the jazz world

Jimi's stage banter !

Jimi and The Ghetto Fighters
A look at Jimi's friendship and association with the Aleem brothers

Jimi Hendrix's London
A nice tour of the Hendrix associated locations around London
Part 2
Part 3

 A Bluffer's Guide To The Live Abums

More Hendrix links
A great page of links at the German Hendrix Fans website


Two excellent Youtube videos:

A history of Jimi's guitars

The Many Guitars Of Jimi Hendrix

Ses guitares
On the French forum there's a lot of info and pictures all about Jimi's many guitars.

A history of Jimi's effects pedals - Part 1
A history of Jimi's effects pedals - Part 2

Jimi's Voodoo Rig
by Michael Fairchild

Jimi Hendrix’s Guitars and Gear
A great site, looking at Jimi's many guitars

Jimi Hendrix Guitar & Gear Guide
Yet another!

A short guide to the lesser known guitars of Jimi Hendrix
A nice page at Reverb.com

Jimi's Woodstock rig

On tour with Jimi - Eric Barrett
An insiders view of working with The Experience and their equipement.

Jimi's white Gibson SG

Jimi's psychedelic Gibson Flying V

Jimi Hendrix's Black Beauty

Jimi's Newport '69 Tele-necked Strat 

Who saw Hendrix live & his rig ?
Check out this very interesting forum discussion

The making of "All Along The Watchtower"

Roger Mayer
Jimi's legendary guitar effects supplier
> An interview with Mayer where he talks about his involvement with Jimi
and the material he used is to be found here,
and here

Big Muff

Electric Lady Studios

> My photos of Electric Lady Studios

1969 Fender Catalogue
A few pages from this 1969 catalogue which features a photo of Jimi on the back cover.


David's tribute to Jimi
An absolute must ! Loads to discover here, photos, posters,
and read about the time when David played Jimi's rendition of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" to Stevie Winwood and Jim Capaldi !

German Fan Club

Jimi Hendrix Italia

Lots of Bootleg info here.

Karl J. Geisler's bootleg lists


Jimi Pass It On
A Groups site for the fans and an excellent source for collectors.

Forum Jimi Hendrix 
A superb French Hendrix forum. Even if you don't speak French, it's a fantastic data site.
Check out these excellent sections:
live concerts
Re-releases and compilations
The Barclay albums
Pre-Experience releases

Bien sûr, si vous parlez français, ce site est un must !



Caesar Glebbeek's site for info about his authorative magazine "Univibes"

The other leading Hendrix magazine (based in my old hometown: Warrington !)



ATM artwork
at Big O


I have no idea of the value of records. Here are just a few links that I found on Google:

eil.com - HENDRIX
An amazing selection of records, books and collectables.

Vintage Vinyl Mail Order

Record Collector Magazine
They publish a rare record price guide that can be ordered on-line.


 Sound It Out Records
Looking for a rare vinyl or CD? This (now famous) shop will help you find it.
Check out the brilliant film about the shop by Jeanie Finlay.



Bokomaru Hendrix Links




Interesting research at garagehangover.com concerning various London clubs in the 60s:

Scotch Of St. James


A Dandy In Aspic
A great blog about the hip UK scene of 1966/1967 into which Jimi was immersed.

Did you, or someone you know, see Jimi Hendrix perform ? The Hendrix community is always searching for rare photos, recordings, film, or simply memories of the man's performances. Contact me if you have anything to share with the world.


Check out my tribute page in memory of dearly departed musicians.


Here is a selection of good reference sites for various artistes of the golden era.
I will continue to add more as I come across them.

Marmalade Skies

David Bowie - David Bowie World  •  Golden Years  •   Pushing Ahead Of The Dame

The Beatles

The Beatles Interviews - http://www.beatlesinterviews.org/

The Rolling Stones - The Complete Works

The Who - http://www.thewho.net/

Led Zeppelin - http://pyzeppelin.free.fr/

Prince - The Prince Vault   •  The Chronological Prince Recordingds Index

Eric Clapton - http://www.eric-clapton.co.uk/

Bob Dylan - http://www.warr.org/dylan.htmlhttp://www.bobsboots.com/

Frank Sinatra - http://sinatraguide.com/




Jim Hendricks
Unbeleivable. Musician Jim Henricks teamed up with Casse Elliot and ... TIM ROSE to form The Big 3,
a mid sixties folk trio ! In 1966, Rose released his own solo interpretation of "Hey Joe", which inspired Jimi to parform it.
Talk about a cosmic coincidence..

Tim Rose, Cass Elliot and Jim Hendricks !




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