and unreleased recordings

"BOTH SIDES OF THE SKY" - New outtakes/jam collection for March 2018

Experience Hendrix have announced the release of a new collection of mostly previously unreleased studio tracks.
> See Posthumous Studio Albums section (2010s) for details.

Sample track - "Mannish Boy" (very close to the version we know on the "Blues" album):

NEW SINGLE: Lover Man / Foxy Lady (live)

The first single (on vinyl) to be drawn from the new collection of outtakes is "Lover Man" (a previously unrelelased studio take by the Band Of Gypsys line-up).
That live "Foxy Lady" B-Side is also an official newbie - from the Vittus TV studios, 18 November 1967.

Hybrid SACDs remasters of Are You Experienced and Axis Bold As Love:

Acoustic Sounds have announced their delivery of new Bernie Grundman remasters of the US version of
Are You Experienced and Axis Bold As Love for 2018 (mono and stereo!).
Catalogue here.


The Live At Monterey DVD came out in 2007 on Universal and in October 2017 Sony released it on their own label.
This version is identical to the Universal edition but has a thinner case.

A very nice luxury book all about The Experience's farewell tour in 1969, centering on the Royal Albert Hall performances.
From Hendrix archivist Ben Valkhoff.

Sneak peak and order details here.

Coming soon:

Rainbow Bridge documentary

In a 2016 Tori Amos podcast, Janie Hendrix was interviewed and she mentioned that Experience Hendrix were working
on a documentary about Jimi's visit to Mauii, Hawaii and the two sets he played there, sequences of which ended up in the zany movie "Rainbow Bridge".
Apart from the documentary, let's hope that a bonus section or DVD2 will give us all available footage of the two sets,
with the best that they can do with the poor sound recordings.

it's nice to see the estate keeping up the pace and delivering more and more Hendrix!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience at The Royal Albert Hall film
to remain under wraps...for now

The judges have ordered that the film remains in the vault until the legal proceedings are fully settled.

Full story

I wonder if Experience Hendrix are unable to release the recordings before the film is released?.

More information about the Royal Albert Hall recordings

Further releases ?

Black Gold?????

This is the most eagerly anticipated item in the vault.
Experience Hendrix have spoken of their intention to release this legendary personal demo tape by Jimi at sometime over the next decade.
  One track titled "Suddenly November Morning" appeared on the 2010 box set "West Coast Seattle Boy", leaving us hungry for more.

Here is more information about "Black Gold":
Black Gold


The Hendrix/ Zappa Tape?
There are apparently two tapes in the hand's of the Zappa Family trust which feature Jimi jamming with Frank. 
One tape is from a jam at the Garrick Theatre in 1967 and the other from a jam in Zappa's basement studio.
The Zappa estate own the tapes and have expressed interest in releasing the studio jam.
This hit the press a couple of years ago but nothing has been heard about it since.
Hey Dweezil, any news?

The Zappa Hendrix Strat is the Astoria Strat
New research by yours truly!


The Hendrix/Jagger Tape?

On November 27th 1969, after dropping by to see The Rolling Stones at Madison Square Gardens, a party was thrown for Jimi at TV presenter Flip Wilson's apartment in the Hotel Navarro. After the party Jimi and Mick Jagger went round to the home of Deering Howe. They got the guitars out and with Howe on harmonica, the three of them played tracks from The Stones new album "Let It Bleed"! A proto "Dolly Dagger" was also captured on the tape machine which recorded the whole thing. The tape remains in the possession of Mr. Howe who promised to Mick that that was where it would remain (unfortunately for us).
Many thanks to Yazid Manou for bringing this information to us.

- B O O K S -


Jimi Hendrix In Vienna by Rudy Kronfuss

A new book from the respected musician Rudy Kronfuss who is know for his exemplary interpretations of Hendrix songs.
he result of 46 years of research, the book is in English (with images of the original Austrian press cuttings which are in German, but each is translated).
 The book features more than 70 photos from the January 1969 show at Vienna - around 50 never seen/published before, plus a previously unpublished interview with Jimi!
Price is 15 euros - plus shipping costs.



Foxy Papers

Many volumes already of this fascinating collection of press cuttings from the respected Hendrix researcher Ben Valkhoff.
To order the books from Ben > go here


September 1966 - September 1970

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