The fourth album mixes

There has been much speculation about what would have been Jimi's fourth studio album.
Some of the many working titles for Jimi's fourth album were "Freedom", "Both Ways","People, Hell and Angels"*, "Shine On", "Gypsy Sun", "First Rays Of The New Rising Sun" and his last memo called it "Straight Ahead".

As 1970 progressed, Jimi was busy building and mixing tracks for his new album but passed away before the whole project could be finalised. On the first brace of posthumous albums, not all the tracks used were the last mixes made by Jimi. So here is a list of tracks that feature Jimi's last mixing work and which album they turned up on (Thanks to Dino and Crozcat for all this research!).

Hendrix Mixes:

Izabella - 12/2/70 (Voodo Child compilation)
Stepping Stone - 15/2/70 (Voodoo Child) compilation)
Ezy Ryder - 15/6/70 (Purple box)
In From The Storm - 20/8/70 (West Coast Seattle Boy)
Room Full of Mirrors -  
20/8/70 (Rainbow Bridge)
Dolly Dagger -
20/8/70 (Rainbow Bridge)
Come Down Hard On Me
22/8/70 (Purple Box)
Astro Man
22/8/70 (Cry of Love)
Drifter’s Escape
22/8/70 (South Saturn Delta)
Earth Blues
22/8/70 (Purple Box)
Message To Love
22/8/70 (WCSB)
Night Bird Flying
22/8/70 (Purple Box)
Ezy Ryder
22/8/70 (Cry of Love)
Belly Button Window
24/8/70 (Cry of Love)
24/8/70 (Cry of Love)
Night Bird Flying -
24/8/70 (Cry of Love)

Eddie Kramer mix:
Straight Ahead 20/8/70 (Cry of Love) - The final Hendrix mix of 25/8/70 remains unreleased.

Eddie Kramer mixes after Jimi died:

Cry Of Love tracks
Drifting - mixed by Eddie Kramer 2 December 1970
Angel - mixed by Eddie Kramer, Mitch Mitchel 12 November 1970
In From The Storm - mixed by Eddie Kramer 29 November 1970
My Friend - mixed by Eddie Kramer 2 December 1970

Rainbow Bridge tacks

Earth Blues - mixed by Eddie Kramer and John Jansen 12 May 1971
Pali Gap - mixed by Eddie Kramer and John Jansen 12 May 1971
Look Over Yonder - mixed by Eddie Kramer and John Jansen 11 May 1971
Hey Baby - mixed by Eddie Kramer and John Jansen 12 May 1971
Star Spangled Banner - mixed by Eddie Kramer February 1971

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