Just about all the albums of pre-Experience recordings misleadingly feature photos of Jimi at the height of his fame.
Here are some with intersting photos and illustrations.



A Lonnie Youngblood compilation


This Italien Lonnie Youngblood compilation with the ridiculous title of "Jimi Hendrix At His Best"
features a superb photo of Jimi in a dressing room with an acoustic guitar.


A French series of Curtis Knight content albums featuring Paris Olympia 67 photos.


Another with a nice Olympia shot.


Great Isle Of Wight photo for this Georges Club album.


"In Memorium" - Curtis Knight studio sessions


A Swedish Georges Club release with a nice 1967 shot for the cover
and a Cheetah Club 1966 photo for the back.


Volume 2


This great shot of Jimi was later used as a logo for Experience Hendrix.







Brazilian "Rare Hendrix" - Lonnie Youngblood tracks
Fillmore Band Of Gypsys cover with a vintage 67 portrait on the back.


A Turkish single of "No Such Animal"


The PPX albums "Ballad Of Jimi" and "Live At Georges Club"
on one CD. The sticker says "STUDIO". Another release put together by imbeciles.


A very rare single this time:

"California Night"/ "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
Curtis Knight & The Squires
Stateside (Yugoslavia)


The above sleeve shows Jimi during a jam with Roy Buchanen
at the Generation Club (future Electric Lady Studios) in April 1968.


Youngblood compilation - Peru


A Spanish single with an Albert Hall rehearsal photo.





Here are a few Hendrix/Little Richard sleeves (see Berfore Fame page for info on these awful albums which it seems have no Hendrix involvement !).