I'm off again, in any old order.


"The Jimi Hendrix Experience In 1967 "
This 1991 UK limited edition 12" picture box rarity is "Axis Bold As Love"
with a 72-page softback photo book featuring previously unreleased photographs by Gered Mankowitz,
The 2500 Limited Edition copies, were individually hand numbered and autographed by Noel Redding & Gered Mankowitz.


 Polydor Italy 1988
From a painting by the famous British painter David Oxtoby



Backtrack 1
(New Zealand)

Box Set Sampler (2000)

Purple Haze), Little Wing,
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club (Stockholm),
Stone Free, Gloria, It's Too Bad, Lover Man,
All Along The Watchtower (IOW)

DVD Sampler

Spanish Castle Magic,
All Along The Watchtower,
Interview With Eddie Kramer



"Are You Experienced"
(Polydor/Rotation - Germany)


9 LP box set
(Hong Kong)

"Live At Monterey Pop Festival"
ITM-Media (Italy 1992)
Re-package of "Jimi Plays Monterey"


"Rarities On Compact Disc Volume 1"
(Bootleg of the 1990 US
Westwood One promo)


3 CD budget pack
Albert Hall 69/Scene Club 68
+ pre-Experience rubbish

"Battle Of The Who & Jimi Hendrix"
2 LP tin box !

"The Collection"
Australian compilation


Compilation (promo)

Alternate Charly package
for Albert Hall Experience

German Compilation

Scene Club 68/Albert Hall 69

UK Compilation

Backing track disc
All you have to do is play like Jimi
over the top !

French "Axis" re-release
(Barclay) France

Dutch "Axis" re-release

Backing track disc

Backing track disc

"Are You Experienced" with Berlin 1970 photo
(used initially for "Isle Of Wight")
Polydor-Medium (Holland)

The Jimi Hendrix Story
(Arcade - France)
Narrated by Philippe Manoeuvre,
now editor of France's Rock & Folk magazine

"Doriella du Fontaine"

"Radio One "repackaged
Edit Production/Music Club (1998)

"Jimisen plays Jimi Hendrix"
Tuition disc

Compilation for the Starcucks chain

Free Albert Hall 69 CD
in Britains Sunday Times (2006)

Re-package of "More Experience"
(Origine unknown)

Re-release of "Live At Berkeley"
Woodstock Records (Germany)

"James Marshall Hendrix"
Scene Club I think

Pirate CD (The Entertainers series).
"Ladyland" tracks plus "Red House" (San Diego)
- poor mono sound

Albert Hall 69 + Scene Club 68

Albert Hall 69 + Scene Club 68
+ Lonnie Youngblood

Smash Hits

Extracts from Electric Ladyland

UK Polydor compilation


Italian Polydor compilation

Midnight Lightning

Mexican compilation

Band Of Gypsys


Electric Ladyland

Are You Experienced - box + booklet
Exists on vinyl and CD versions
(HMV Classic Collection 1988)

A Woodstock compilation

"Live At Woodstock"
A german re-release of the Alan Douglas version.

Czech compilation

Korea hits

Smash Hits

"Are You Experienced"
(Polydor - New Zealand)

"Electric Ladyland"
(Polydor - Australia)

Australien version
of the 12 record box set


Band Of Gypsys

Hey Joe

Hey Joe
Budget compilation


Axis: Bold As Love
(Polydor - Mexico)


Band Of Gypsys (official?) CD

Ladyland Promo

(2008 - UMe)
A radio special prepared as a tribute to Mitch Mitchell.
Have You Ever Been [To Electric Ladyland]
, Gypsy Eyes, Crosstown Traffic, Come On
Little Miss Strange, All Along The Watchtower, Voodoo Chid [Slight Return]


 "Axis: Bold As Love"
(Panache/Barclay - France)

Armed Forces

"Electric Ladyland" extracts
(Armed Forces Radio & Television Service - Station Library)

Side 1: Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)/Come On/Gypsy Eyes/Rainy Day Dream Away/Still Raining, Still Dreaming

Side 2: Getting to know you - Sajid Khan/September blue - Pat Boone/Hey Mister - Four Jacks And A Jill/Make a noise like love - Gene and Debbie/
Don't ask why - Andre Gagnan & his orchestra/Those were the days - Al Hirt/C'mon Marianne - Grapefruit